Now working from my hometown of San Gwann, my commitment to photography and the quality of my work remain as strong as ever.

My career goes back to February 1995, when my shots of the Um El Faroud tanker explosion at the Malta Dry Docks were the first to reach the local media. The on-the-spot coverage landed me my first job within the media sector. In 1996 I joined The People and in 1998 was awarded a Licentiate in Press and Public Relation Photography by the Masters Association UK.

Over the years I worked as a photojournalist for various local news houses, eventually became News Editor for local online portal Di-Ve.com. In 2012 I was offered to join MediaToday, a leading news house in Malta, which offer I accepted and I still do specialised press work for the company today. Moreover I took over the production of the company’s three TV shows – XTRA, Dwarna and Gourmet; all of which air weekly on the national television channel.

In collaboration with two Local Councils, I staged two “one-man” exhibitions. Kept running for just under three years, the exhibition in Vittoriosa took visitors on a photographic tour of the city, while the second exhibition entitled “Thy Will Be Done”, brought viewers up-close with my press work.

Wanting to broaden my horizons further than press and documentary photography, 2013 saw the opening of my own company; at the same time international news agency Associated Press appointed me as their permanent stringer in Malta.

In April 2016 I became Malta’s only Protege Photographer forming part of Peter Hurley’s international network of portrait photographers known at the Headshot Crew.

The latest in an evergrowing protfolio of discerning clients was the managing of all photography and a number of videos related to Malta’s 2017 Presidency of the European Council. All events in the island’s six months of presidency were phtographically covered by myself and a handpicked team of 4 photographers who were constantly managed to give the same quality our clients are used to.

My love for the outdoors, including fast cars and bikes, kayaking, canoe-polo, swimming, and rope work add a personal flair to outdoor and adventurous shoots.



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